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SNOWBUS - A one-stop shop for mountain transport, ski rentals and activities

Experience the mountains in epic style. As skiers, snowboarders, & mountain enthusiasts at heart, we know that mountain experience is a force that keeps people coming back. An abundance of options await and we're here to help you choose to go bigger by bringing out the best mountain experiences in the summer and in the winter alike.

The allure of the adventures are plenty and we aim to distance your distractions, and hopefully play a part in your pursuit of beautiful moments at your desired destinations.

we're the bus to the possibilities awaiting at your destinations and we're on a mission to inspire mountain enthusiasts and adventure seekers to experience and share like never before.
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What we Do

At SNOWBUS, it is our mission to make sure you love the ride to your favorite mountain. At the core, we offer mountain transport, information, and services for skiers, boarders and visitors.

If you're planning to ski or snowboard at breathtaking mountain destinations, SNOWBUS is the one-stop shop to get your ideal mountain experience. SNOWBUS offers diverse pick-up and drop locations at your favorite mountains in Canada. For you to enjoy every moment of the stunning journey, you’re given detailed information on the wide range of bus companies and car rentals for transportation from the nearest city or airport. All our partner bus operators are licensed and daily scheduled. We also provide attractive deals on mountain transport, ski rentals, and other mountain activities, with our SNOWCLUB membership.
Snow IconSnow IconWith our powerful booking engine, you are assured of a hassle-free experience, when you avail any of our services.
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To have an epic mountain experience, SNOWBUS understands the importance of the choices involved. Turn your mountain experience dreams into reality with your choice of bus or car rental right from place you are. And, all this can be done in a few clicks! You don't have to look beyond SNOWBUS, to get your express for all the top bus operators, before you book your ride!
  • Ski and Snowboard rentals

    SNOWBUS’ state-of-the web experience allows you to book and rent ski and snowboard equipment online. Since everything could be done in advance, the mountain experience is going to be a breeze. We’ve partnered with local top level merchants and service providers, which helps you get the largest selction of ski and snowboard rentals in all the valleys.
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  • Winter activities packages

    We have curated all mountain-centric activities for you! Whether you are a beginner or a ski-pro, child or an adult; we have got it all covered, with our customized packages.
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Discover what makes Snowbus the ultimate choice for winter travel through these glowing testimonials from thrilled travelers.

Digging the site's vibe – it's like they know what skiers want. Booking was smooth, and Snowbus was a good choice. The bus ride was comfortable, and the whole process felt tailored for winter sports enthusiasts. Props for making it feel personal.

Remy Sharp
Remy S.Skier

As a frequent traveler to ski resorts, I can confidently say that Snowbus stands out for its reliability and convenience. The buses are well-maintained, and the drivers are skilled at navigating through snowy conditions. I highly recommend Snowbus to anyone looking for a seamless transportation experience.

Travis Howard
Travis H.Crazy snowboarder

Thanks to Snowbus, planning our ski trip activities was a breeze! Their platform offered a plethora of options, allowing us to customize our itinerary to fit our interests and schedule. The ability to book everything in one place, from transportation to activities, simplified the planning process and ensured that we didn't miss out on any of the fun. Snowbus is definitely our go-to for future ski vacations!

Cindy Baker
Cindy B.Slopes ripper

I'm so glad I discovered Snowbus for my ski trip. Not only did they provide affordable transportation, but their flexible schedules allowed me to customize my travel plans according to my skiing itinerary. The convenience and professionalism of Snowbus have made me a loyal customer.

Julia K.
Julia K.Back country lover

The booking platform's got a cool, edgy design that fits the snowboarding vibe. Snowbus did its job, but it's the site's unique style and user-friendly setup that stood out. It feels like they're part of the community, not just another booking site.

John S.
John S.Park rat

I was hesitant about renting equipment for my first ski trip, but Snowbus made it so easy and stress-free. Their rental package options catered to all skill levels, and the staff at the rental shop provided helpful advice on selecting the right gear. Thanks to Snowbus, I had a fantastic time on the slopes without worrying about equipment logistics.

Daniel W.
Daniel W.Groomer killer