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faq IconTickets and Fare

You can book your tickets online ( We've made it easy for you to book. Here's how.
Select the mountain you are planning to visit from
1. Make sure to enter your departure and arrival locations, in addition to the departure date.
2. If you are planning on booking a return trip, be careful to enter the return date too.
3. Don't forget to select the number of people travelling (adults, seniors and children) before clicking "search now".
Choose your trip and pay for your ticket
1. Take a look at the results available for your trip and select the one that best meets your needs.
2. If you are booking a return trip make sure to select the trip that best suits you on the next page.
3. Review your selection, enter the passenger's details and pay for your trip with a credit/debit card, or Google Pay.
You're all set! 
1. Your trip is booked and you can access and download your tickets from the confirmation page.
2. Be sure to double-check your email address and change it if you want to email your trip information to another email. This is a great way of sharing your trip details if you're travelling with somebody else.
Are you ready to book your ticket? Visit

No, Snowbus doesn't offer this as a payment option. When you book a ticket with , you have to complete the payment online at the same time. Once you select your trip, you will be able to select the payment method that best suits you.

Subject to available seats on the coach, same-day tickets may be purchased through our website We accept most major credit cards and debit cards

It's possible to book a one-way ticket. You do not have to book a round-trip, if you don't need one.
How do I book a one-way ticket?
1. Follow our instructions on how do I book tickets ? 
2. When you enter your departure date, be sure to click on “One Way” check box .
3. Verify that you have only selected a one-way trip, before proceeding to the checkout.

Seat selection varies depending on the bus company you are planning to travel with. Some bus companies offer seat selection at the time of booking, while others have pre-assigned seats or no selection available. Whenever a bus company offers the option to select your seat, you will be able to choose your seat before paying for your ticket. Please note, seat selection depends on the given availability at the time of booking. While we do our best to honor your seat selection, we don't manage seat maps and cannot guarantee the availability of specific seats

We are constantly expanding to connect you with as much of the world as possible. From time to time you may find that we don't offer your chosen route. Here are a couple of possible reasons why:
1. We don't currently support bookings for your chosen destination.
2. It may be too early to book your trip. Keep in mind that most bus companies only let you book a trip for a few months in advance.

Of course, and we won't charge you any additional fees!

How to book for someone else
1. Search and proceed to book your chosen ticket as usual.
2. Make sure to enter the name of the passenger who will be travelling under the section "Enter passenger details".
3. You can enter your billing information as usual.
4. Don't forget to add the passenger's contact information so that they will receive the booking confirmation via email.
Double check to avoid booking mistakes
1. Ensure that the auto fill option has not entered the incorrect name when entering the passenger's name.
2. Once a booking has been made, we cannot change passenger's names.
Once you finalize your booking, you will be able to download the tickets or view the confirmation number on the booking confirmation page.

If you plan on travelling in a group of more than 9 people we suggest that you try one of the following options:
1. Make multiple bookings 
2. Contact the bus company directly
If you decide to make multiple bookings for a group, we cannot guarantee that the availability and price of your first booking will be the same when you are ready to make your next booking.
If you are a particularly large group, it may be easier for you to contact the bus company directly. We will be more than happy to help you find the relevant contact information.

Why did I receive an error message?
Don't worry, there are several reasons why you may have received an error message:
1. The bus company is experiencing a technical issue.
2. Your payment information was entered incorrectly.
3. We don't support your payment method.
Did I get charged?
We don't charge you when your booking fails. However, if you see that money has been taken from your account, rest assured, this is a temporary authorization. We immediately release your funds the moment the booking failed. Your bank will return these funds to you straight away, however some banks may take longer to process this. Don't worry, it's on its way back to you. 

What can I do to book my ticket?
In most cases you can successfully book your ticket by trying again. If the error was due to a bus company technical issue, try waiting a few minutes before attempting to book again.
If your booking was declined due to a payment issue, please ensure the following before trying to book again:
1. Verify your Card number and expiry date is entered correctly.
2. Verify your Card security code (CVV) is entered correctly
Once you've done this, you should have no problem with booking.
If you're still unable to book a ticket, get in touch with us for further assistance.

To find Your Booking, please click one of the below link
Find my trips Other ways you can find your booking
1. On the confirmation page showed immediately after you complete your booking
2. In your email: We send your booking confirmation to the email address you provide at the time of booking.
3. Please check your spam folder if you cannot find your booking confirmation. Sometimes emails can end up here without you knowing. 
4. You can access your ticket(s) directly from your confirmation email. 

If you booked a ticket but did not receive a confirmation email, be sure to check that you entered the correct email address. 
1. You can login to your to find see all the booking. 
2. You can view the email address by checking the information displayed to you on the page after you completed your booking.
3. If you entered the wrong email, please contact the bus operator directly to receive your ticket
We recommend you to Create an account on with the same email address used for your booking to access and manage your booking with ease.

faq IconCancellation and Changes

If your booking is refundable, you can select one of the following options to cancel your booking: 

with my snowbus account without an account

*The terms and conditions of each booking are shown before you purchase your ticket. You can also review the terms and conditions in your booking confirmation.

If you have any issues when canceling your booking, please contact us for assistance.

Please note that bookings can only be canceled within the timeframe specified in the terms and conditions of your booking.

If you booked an exchangeable ticket, you can change the departure time/date of your trip by contacting the bus company directly. Please note that it is not possible to change departure or arrival locations. 

Contact the bus company directly to change your trip 

Please note, it is only possible to request an exchange within the timeframe allowed, as mentioned in the exchange policy of your booking. 

Snowbus cannot modify or exchange your booking. If your ticket is exchangeable, you must contact the bus company directly to request an exchange.

If you could not take the bus due to an issue with your trip, or the bus company, please contact the bus company or contact us, and we will do everything to assist you.

Your ticket is only valid for the time and date of departure that is shown on your ticket. We apologize, however you cannot use your ticket to board another bus if you miss your original trip. 

Please note, this is not SNOWBUS policy, however, each bus company has their own terms and conditions that we have to respect. If you're already at the bus station, we suggest that you contact a member of staff to see if they can make an exception and allow you to board another bus.

Your ticket is only valid for the departure and arrival locations mentioned on your ticket. Unfortunately, you must board and leave the bus at the specified station. 

In case you want to get off the bus at an earlier stop, we suggest asking the bus driver before boarding. In some cases it may be possible.

faq IconBaggage

Most bus companies have similar luggage policies. The standard free allowance is:

Carry-on: 1 carry on item is allowed per passenger. The general weight limit must not weigh more than 5 kg (11lbs).
Hold allowance: 1 bag allowed in the baggage hold. The general maximum allowed weight is 23 kg (55.1lbs).
Please note, this is a general allowance, and we always suggest checking the specific luggage policy of your bus company before you travel.

Most bus companies have similar luggage policies. The standard free allowance is one set of skis or snowboard or golf clubs. Additional skis or snowboards or golf clubs may be allowed by paying additional charges to the bus operator. 

Please note, this is a general allowance, and we always suggest checking the specific luggage policy of your bus company before you travel.

You can check the luggage policy of your bus company on your ticket or by calling them directly.

In most cases, you will be charged for additional luggage at the station. Prices vary per bus company. Some bus companies charge by weight, while others charge a flat fee per bag. Please contact your bus company directly to check if you can travel with additional luggage.

faq IconTo & From the Airport

Depends upon the bus operator and services, usually it takes around 3 hour.
Please note, this is a general indicative information, and we always suggest checking the exact travel time on bus companies website

The YVR Airport Skytrain (above and below ground subway-type train) is the quickest way to get from Vancouver International Airport to downtown Vancouver, with a travel time of only 25 minutes. The Vancouver (YVR) – Airport Canada Line Station is located above the covered parking garage at the airport

You must be ready to board at least 15-30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. 
If you are flying into Vancouver International Airport, we recommend allowing 2 hours from landing to claim baggage and go through customs.

faq IconGeneral Questions

Most bus companies' drivers have electronic devices Smartphones/iPads which show them your booking. When you book a ticket through our website, you will receive your ticket via email with travel details. You can show your booking on an electronic device or simply carry a printout if absolutely necessary. Additionally, all travelers must present government issued photo identification or a credit/ debit card that matches the traveler’s name on the trip manifest. 

We are more than happy to help you travel as comfortably as possible. Not all bus companies have buses that have been adapted to allow wheelchair access. We suggest prior to making a booking you must contact the bus company directly to see if they provide this facility. 

Please reach out to us if you need any contact information.

Please refer to the contact number and email ID mentioned on the ticket or you may visit our page to find the details of the bus company.

Sometimes buses experience delays due to issues outside the control of the bus company. All departure and arrival times on are estimates only, and are subject to change. 

First thing's first, we suggest you double-check the address on your booking or in your ticket to make sure you are at the correct address. If you are at the correct address and your bus has still not arrived, contact your bus company to ask for an update.

All the bus company drivers are highly skilled to operate coaches during poor weather and the coaches are specially adapted for these conditions.
In the event if the bus operator is unable to run the service, they will contact you via email or phone
Please call the bus company for any further information.

Please contact the bus company directly as you may be required to provide additional information to complete the booking.

Not all bus companies allow pets on board, Please contact the operator directly before booking your tickets.

If you have lost or found an item please contact the bus operator for more assistance.

Nobody likes to rush through a busy station. We strongly suggest that you try to arrive at the bus station with enough time to relax before your trip.
It's a good idea to be at the station about 30 minutes before your bus is scheduled to depart. If you are traveling on an international trip, then we suggest arriving at least 45 minutes before departure.

Here at Snowbus, we work very closely with all of our partners so that your trip is as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. Our priority is to ensure that you travel as safely as possible, while maintaining the highest level of standards right from booking your ticket, to the moment you step of the bus. If you had a negative travel experience, we want to help resolve it. 
I had an issue with a member of the bus company staff
If you had a negative experience with a member of staff, or bus driver, please contact us directly: 
1. Contact us with as many details as possible relating to your complaint. 
2. Tell us which trip you were traveling on and what the issue was (include your Snowbus reference number) 
3. You can also contact the bus company directly. 
There was a safety breach on my trip 
If you noticed a situation that put your safety, or the safety of your fellow travelers at risk (e.g. not wearing a face mask onboard), you should: 
1. Report the issue to the bus driver immediately. 
2. Let the bus company know about the issue. 
3. Contact us with your trip information and the issue that you came across.

Our priority is to keep you safe when you travel, wherever you go!
Wearing a face mask during your trip is a mandatory requirement. Whenever and wherever you travel, wear a mask for the entire duration of your trip.
Important: You must check the official travel requirements of the country where you intend to travel. Consult your government's website for official updates and travel requirements. Snowbus does not provide official immigration advice.
Some countries have inter-provincial/state/territorial travel requirements. For example, you may be required to obtain a travel certificate, or a negative COVID-19 test result to enter. Please consult directly with official Governmental guidelines to see if you are able to travel. 
It is your responsibility to ensure you can travel before booking a trip.